Tennessee Titans SuperCollector

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Eric Taylor 2008 Practice Worn Jersey

Julius Warmsley 2017 Signed, Game Worn Jersey

Julius Warmsley 2018 Game Issued Jersey

Jovan Haye 2009 Signed, Practice Worn Jersey
John Thornton 1999 Game Worn Jersey
Jacob Ford 2010 Game Worn Jersey, worn 11/28/2010 vs. Houston.

Jacob had 1 tackle and 1 quarterback hit.

Jacob Ford 2010 Game Worn Jersey, worn 10/20/2010 vs. Philadelphia.

Jacob had one tackle.

Jarius Wynn 2012 Game Worn Jersey, Worn 12/23/2012 vs. Packers.  Jarius recorded one tackle.

Jevon Kearse 2008 Signed, Game Worn Jersey, worn 11/16/2008 vs. Jacksonville and 12/14/2008 vs. Houston.

Jevon had 2 tackles and 1 sack against Jacksonville, and 3 tackles and a sack against Houston.  

Randy Starks 2007 Game Issued Jersey

DaQuan Jones 2017 Game Issued Jersey

DaQuan Jones 2015 Signed, Practice Issued Jersey

Josh Evans 1999 Signed, Game Worn Jersey

Jason Jones 2010 Game Worn Jersey, worn 10/3/2010 vs. Denver.

Jason had 4 tackles, 2 for loss.

Derrick Morgan 2013 Signed, Game Worn Jersey, worn 11/24/2013 vs. Raiders and 12/22/2013.

Derrick had 2 tackles vs. Oakland and 5 tackles and a sack vs. Jacksonville

Derrick Morgan 2012 Signed, Practice Worn Jersey

Albert Haynesworth 2003-05 Signed, Game Worn Jersey

Albert Haynesworth 2004 Signed, Game Worn Jersey

Albert Haynesworth 2008 Signed, Game Worn Jersey

Henry Ford 1997 Tennessee Oilers Game Worn Jersey
Larry Birdine 2009 Game Worn Jersey, worn 9/3/2009 vs. Packers.

Larry had 1 tackle and .5 sacks.

Kevin Dodd 2017 Game Issued Jersey

Kyle Vanden Bosch 2009 Signed, Game Worn AFL Legacy Throwback Jersey, Worn 10/18/2009 vs. Patriots. 

KVB had 5 tackles.  

PSADNA # (Jersey): NA 161681

PSADNA # (Pants): NA 168106

Kevin Carter 2002 Game Worn Jersey

Kevin Carter 2003 Game Worn Jersey

Jason Babin 2010 Signed, Practice Worn Jersey

Shaun Smith 2011 Signed, Game Worn Jersey

Sen'Derrick Marks 2009 Signed, Game Worn Jersey
Sen'Derrick Marks 2009 Signed, Practice Worn Jersey
Sen'Derrick Marks 2011 Practice Worn Jersey

Sammie Lee Hill 2013 Game Worn Jersey

Austin Johnson 2017 Signed, Practice Worn Jersey

Joe Salave'a 2000 Game Worn Jersey

William Hayes 2008 Signed, Game Issued Jersey with 10th Anniversary Patch

Angelo Blackson 2016 Signed, Game Worn Jersey

Tony Brown 2010 Signed, Game Worn Jersey, worn 11/21/2010 vs. Washington and 12/09/2010 vs. Indianapolis.

Tony had 1 tackle against the Redskins and 2 tackles against the Colts.

Karl Klug 2017 Signed, Game Issued Jersey

JSA Cert #WIT696165

Jason Fisk 2000 Game Worn Jersey

Jeffery Simmons 2021 Game Issued Jersey

Dave Ball 2010 Game Worn Jersey

Antwan Odom 2007 Practice Worn Jersey

Jurrell Casey 2016 Signed, Game Worn Jersey, worn 12/24/2016 vs. Jacksonville

Jurrell Casey 2019 Game Issued Jersey

Jurrell Casey 2015 Signed, Practice Issued Jersey

Rien Long 2004 Signed, Game Worn Jersey, worn 11/28/2004 vs. Houston and 12/19/2004 vs. Oakland.

Rien had 2 tackles and 2 sacks against Oakland.

Demetrin (Leandro) Veal 2007 Game Worn Jersey, worn 11/19/2007 vs. Denver (1 tackle) and 11/25 vs. Cincinnati (3 tackles).

Demetrin (Leandro) Veal 2007 Game Worn Jersey, worn 11/11/2007 vs. Jacksonville. 

Demetrin had 2 tackles.