Tennessee Titans SuperCollector

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Stafon Johnson 2010 Game Worn Jersey

Stafon Johnson 2010 Practice Worn Jersey

Bishop Sankey 2014 Game Issued Jersey

Javon Ringer 2012 Practice Worn Jersey

Derrick Henry 2019 Signed, Game Worn Jersey, worn 11/24/2019 vs Jacksonville.  Derrick rushed for 159 yards and 2 TDs on 19 carries and added 1 reception for 16 yards.  This jersey was originally involved in a jersey swap with Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette.

Derrick Henry 2017 Signed, Practice Worn Jersey, JSA #LL92987

Dexter McCluster 2014 Signed, Game Worn Jersey, worn 8/23/2014 vs. Atlanta. PSADNA #2N 10080

Shonn Greene 2013 Game Issued Jersey with Bud [Adams] tribute patch and 15th Anniversary patch

Shonn Greene 2013 Game Worn Jersey

LenDale White 2007 Signed, Game Worn Jersey

Darius Reynaud 2013 Game Worn Jersey, worn 9/8/2013 vs. Pittsburgh.  Darius had 5 punt returns for 11 yards in the win.

Stafon Johnson 2011 Game Worn Jersey, worn 8/20/2011 vs. St. Louis.  

Johnson had 68 yards on 11 carries.

Stafon Johnson 2011 Game Worn Jersey, worn 8/13/2011 vs. Minnesota.

Johnson had 19 yards on 5 carries.

Leon Washington 2013 Game Worn Jersey

Antonio Andrews 2016 Game Issued Jersey

Eddie George 1999 Signed, Pro Bowl Game Worn Jersey

Eddie George 2003 Signed, Game Worn Jersey - Worn in Playoff win vs. Ravens, 1/3/2004.


Inscribed "1-3-04 Baltimore"

JO Sports #JE65939

Chris Johnson 2008 (Rookie Year) Signed, Game Worn Jersey


Inscribed "Rookie Gamer"

Khalfani Muhammad 2017 Game Issued Jersey

Chris Johnson 2009 Signed, Game Issued Jersey


(Issued before Johnson made switch from #29 to #28)






DeMarco Murray 2016 Signed, Game Worn Jersey

DeMarco Murray 2017 Practice Worn Jersey

Chris Brown 2006 Game Worn Jersey

David Fluellen 2018 Signed, Game Worn Jersey, worn 10/14/2018 vs. Ravens

David Fluellen 2017 Signed, Game Worn Jersey, Worn 09/24/2017 vs. Seahawks

David Fluellen 2016 Color Rush Signed, Game Issued Jersey (size 40)

David Fluellen 2017 Signed, Practice Worn Jersey

David Fluellen 2016 Practice Worn Jersey

David Fluellen 2018 Practice Worn Jersey

Antowain Smith 2004 Game Worn Jersey, worn 11/28/2004 vs. Houston and 12/19/2004 vs. Oakland.

Antowain carried 21 times for 90 yards against Houston, and for 45 yards on 16 carries against Oakland.  He also had 4 receptions for 38 yards against the Raiders. 

Earl Campbell 1979 Signed, Promotional, Photo Shoot Worn Jersey

JSA #EE47575

Quinton Ganther 2008 Signed, Game Worn Jersey, worn 11/28/2004 vs. Detroit.

Quinton had 3 carries for 23 yards, and 2 special teams tackles.

Robert Holcombe 2002 Game Worn Jersey

Robert Holcombe 2003 Game Worn Jersey

Jalen Parmele 2013 Game Worn Jersey

Khari Blasingame 2020 Practice Worn Jersey

LeGarrette Blount 2010 Signed, Game Worn Jersey, worn 9/2/2010 vs. New Orleans.

Blount had 15 carries for 59 yards and a touchdown.

LeGarrette Blount 2010 Practice Worn Jersey

Collin Mooney 2013 Signed, Game Worn Jersey, worn 11/30/2013 vs. St. Louis.  Collin had 1 reception for 22 yards in the win.

Chris Henry 2009 Game Issued AFL Legacy Throwback Jersey

Troy Fleming 2004 Game Worn Jersey, worn 10/10/2004 vs. Packers.

Troy had 3 receptions for 38 yards and a touchdown.

Rodney Ferguson 2009 Game Worn Throwback Jersey, Worn 8/9/2009 vs. Buffalo

Rodney had 1 catch for 10 yards.

Jackie Battle 2013 Game Worn Jersey

John Simon 2003 Signed, Game Worn Jersey

Ahmard Hall 2008 Signed, Game Worn Jersey

Jalston "Nudie" Fowler 2017 Signed, Game Worn Jersey

Quinn Johnson 2013 Game Worn Jersey