Tennessee Titans SuperCollector

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Julio Jones 2021 Signed, Game Worn Jersey, worn 9/25/2021 vs. Colts.  Julio had 3 catches for 47 yards in the win.

Julio Jones 2021 Signed, Game Worn Jersey

Dorial Green-Beckham 2015 Draft Day Press Conference Jersey

Mekale McKay 2017 Game Worn Jersey

Tre McBride III 2017 Game Worn Jersey, worn 8/31/2017 vs. Kansas City

Tre had three catches for 29 yards

Michael Campanaro 2018 Game Issued Jersey

Adam Humphries 2019 Practice Worn Jersey

Justin Gage 2011 Signed, Game Worn Jersey

Kendall Wright 2016 Signed, Game Worn Jersey, Worn 12/24/2016 vs. Jacksonville.

Kendall had 2 catches for 21 yards.

** This is the last jersey Kendall Wright wore as a member of the Titans

Kendall Wright 2015 Signed, Game Issued Jersey

Kendall Wright 2012 Game Worn Jersey, worn 9/16/2012 vs Chargers (2 catches, 24 yards, 1 TD) and 11/4/2012 vs Bears (2 catches, 30 yards)

Kendall Wright 2012 Practice Worn Jersey

Kendall Wright 2013 Game Worn Jersey, worn 11/14/2013 vs. Colts.  

Kendall had 9 catches for 80 yards.

Taywan Taylor 2017 Game Worn Jersey

Cam Batson 2020 Practice Worn Jersey

Michael Preston 2011 Signed ,Game Worn Jersey

Michael Preston 2013 Signed, Game Issued Jersey

Michael Preston 2013 Signed Game Worn Jersey, worn 11/24/2013 vs. Oakland

Hakeem Nicks 2015 Game Worn Jersey

Eric Weems 2017 Game Worn Jersey

Kalif Raymond 2019 Practice Worn Jersey

Justin Hunter 2016 Game Worn Jersey

Darius Jennings 2019 Practice Worn Jersey

Darius Jennings 2017 Game Issued Jersey

Zach Pascal 2018 Signed, Game Issued Jersey

Zach Pascal 2017 Signed, Game Issued Jersey

Damian Williams 2010 Signed, Game Worn Jersey

Dorial Green-Beckham 2015 Game Issued Jersey

Cam Batson 2018 Signed, Game Issued Jersey

Kenny Britt 2010 Signed, Game Worn Jersey

Kenny Britt 2012 Signed, Practice Worn Jersey

Kenny Britt 2013 Signed, Game Game Worn Jersey, worn 11/24/2013 vs. Oakland

Kenny Britt 2011 Game Worn Jersey

Rishard Matthews 2016 Game Worn Jersey, worn 12/24/2016 vs. Jaguars (3 catches, 31 yards, TD)

Mike Williams 2006 Practice Worn Jersey

Josh Reynolds 2021 Practice Worn Jersey

Golden Tate III 2021 Game Issued Jersey

Drew Bennett  2001 Signed, Game Worn Preseason Jersey
Justin McCareins 2008 Game Worn Jersey

Dominique Edison 2010 Signed, Game Worn Jersey

Tajae Sharpe 2017 Signed, Practice Worn Jersey

Devon Wylie 2013 Game Worn Jersey

Chester Rogers 2021 Practice Worn Jersey

Andre Johnson 2016 Color Rush Game Worn Jersey

Andre Johnson 2016 Signed, Game Issued Jersey

JSA #WPP952613

Brandon Jones 2007 Game Worn Jersey

Yancey Thigpen 1999 Game Worn Jersey, worn 2/2/2000 vs. Pittsburgh). 

Yancey had 4 catches for 50 yards.
Isaac Byrd 1999 Game Worn Jersey

Drew Bennett 2001 (Rookie Year) Game Worn Jersey

Marc Mariani 2012 Signed, Practice Worn Jersey

Harry Douglas 2016 Color Rush Signed, Game Issued Jersey

Eric Moulds 2007 Game Worn Jersey

Randy Moss 2010 Signed, Game Worn Jersey, JSA #LL92988

Corey Davis signed, game worn jersey, worn 9/8/2019 vs. Browns.  Was involved in a jersey swap with former Titans wide receiver Taywan Taylor.

Derrick Mason Signed 1998 Tennessee Oilers Game Worn Jersey


Absolutely Destroyed - Over 10 repairs and multiple scuffs

Nate Washington 2013 Signed, Game Worn Jersey, Worn 11/11/2012 vs. Miami.  Nate had one catch for five yards in the 38-3 win. PSADNA #N90514

Joey Kent 1999 Super Bowl Game Worn Jersey

Roydell Williams 2007 Game Worn Jersey

Justin McCareins 2003 Game Worn Jersey

Mario Bailey 1994 Game Worn Jersey

Kevin Dyson 2001 Signed, Game Worn Jersey; Worn 10/29/2001 vs. Pittsburgh


Kevin had 2 receptions for 22 yards.

Lavelle Hawkins 2011 Signed, Game Issued Jersey

Marc Mariani 2016 Signed, Game Issued Color Rush Jersey

Marc Mariani 2016 Signed, Game Issued Jersey

Kevin Walter 2013 Game Issued Jersey

Tyrone Calico 2003 Signed, Game Issued Jersey

Eric Decker 2017 Signed, Practice Worn Jersey

Bernard Ford 1990 Houston Oilers Game Worn Jersey